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Jumbo Decorations and Supplies established since 1972 with humble beginnings in the business of installing bamboo chicks, canvas canopies and metal awnings. With professional skill and the reputation to provide high-quality finishings, Jumbo soon expanded to secure authorised dealership and distribution rights for Luxaflex™ products like shower screens, fabric and aluminium blinds as well as Luxalon™ metal ceilings, and aluminium sunbreakers.

By 1982 Jumbo has matured and gained the distinction as a competent and successful distributor of construction materials when it was awarded the authorised dealership for BHP™ metal roofings in Singapore. 1995 marked yet another milestone for Jumbo when it clinched authorised dealership for Eclipse Opening Roofs, a motorised louvre system which blocks out the sun's rays at the touch of a button.

Jumbo has indeed come a long way from its humble days of installing simple bamboo chicks to become not only a full fledged specialist installers in the construction business, but also committed to providing customer satisfaction with the most up-to-date styles. We have also proved to be a professional supplier of building materials. We pride ourselves in continuously striving to excel in the construction business by providing quality work at cost competitive prices.

Our range of works include Eclipse Opening Roofs, Car Park and Covered Walkway Shelters, Sunbreakers, Structural and Roofing Works, Awnings and Canopies, Ceiling Works, and Window Coverings and Shower Screens.

Our strengths in providing total solutions to homeowners, architects, engineers, and the construction industry, results in greater satisfaction and faster completion of projects.


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